Tbilisi - Berlin
A living archive recording joys and struggles of queerness and celebrating the spaces they produce.

QUEERING COMMON SPACE: A living archive collecting queer memories, encounters and stories from common space in the cities of Tbilisi and Berlin.


Queer space can exist everywhere. Sometimes it’s visible; sometimes it’s not. It can be a physical place; it can be a sphere of exploration. It is fleeting because it is always created by people — including you ❤️. The ways in which we share memories and stories of queering spaces are as diverse as we are as individuals: Some people talk, some people prefer to draw, sing, make a video, or dance. 👄 👯‍♂️👯‍♀️ ✍️ 🗣 🎬

👉 This living archive seeks to do justice to the beauty of representation and diversity of expression by telling stories of queering spaces through a range of lenses for a more continuous queer urban historiography. 🌈 🦄 All narrative, encounter, experience, mode of resistance, or performative action counts – small or big, mundane or extraordinary. 💖

👉 Share your story of queering a space and feed the archive with your experiences. It can be a video, a text, an audio recording or just an image. Only through us as a community can the archive evolve into a beacon of queer visibility—a tangible collection that claims the rightful presence of queer narratives in common space.  💌 💌 💌


Queering Common Space is a project by Poligonal Office for Urban Communication 🏳️‍🌈 in cooperation with Actors of Urban Change ❤️. The project is realized in the frames of the Tbilisi Architecture Biennial 2020 ❤️ and co-funded by the Creative Europe programme 🇪🇺.